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Welcome to LLM International Law
The LLM International Law programme enables students to increase an in-intensity knowledge of the regulation in terms of key global subjects. Students are encouraged to remember the function of the law in global affairs and to expand a vital knowledge of how the law affects all aspects of global pastime, from change and prosecuting crimes, to the usage of pressure in global members of the family, human rights, and defensive the surroundings.

Students can observe the function and relationships of global organisations and institutions which includes the United Nations, the International Court of Justice, and the European master law Union. The programme is informed by way of the latest debates and trends in international law and objectives to interact students in actual-international case studies and dilemmas.

The programme lets in students to adopt a giant dissertation, which is designed to beautify research talents thru an in depth research in a place in their own desire.

Career and Personal Development
The LLM courses at Lincoln Law School are designed to offer college students with the possibility to increase a strong bedrock of expertise and abilties to pursue or in addition expand their careers, whether or not they be in felony practice, running in commercial enterprise or enterprise, operating for governmental or global firms, for non-governmental firms, or in academia.

For the ones pursuing felony careers, there has been an growing call for for lawyers with the essential know-how of worldwide regulation and international enterprise regulation to offer services to clients both in phrases of transactional and litigation paintings. This is specially genuine within the case of commercial law firms assignment paintings for multinational businesses and those corporations concerned in multi-jurisdictional transactions or disputes.

Similarly our LLM programmes aim to equip students with the necessary expertise and competencies required to conduct transnational paintings within commercial enterprise and enterprise. An knowledge of the criminal problems at stake in phrases of worldwide financial regulation, worldwide alternate regulation, and worldwide funding regulation affords a grounding for the ones pursuing careers in companies that both invest or perform in some of extraordinary jurisdictions, or which have sturdy commercial relationships with buyers or clients in different international locations.

Many governmental and international corporations inclusive of the United Nations require the expertise of those with backgrounds in worldwide regulation and global commercial enterprise law. The Law School at Lincoln has a strong institution of lawyers with quite a number knowledge in special aspects of worldwide law and pursuits to offer a education ground wherein lawyers seeking these sorts of careers can increase.

How You Study
Students will observe a total of 8 taught 15 credit modules. Teaching may be organized in ten-week blocks for Certificate stage and Diploma degree respectively, with four modules studied at each degree.

Students will take two center modules and choose six of the available non-compulsory modules.

Prioritising Face-to-Face Teaching
At the University of Lincoln, we try to make sure our students’ revel in is attractive, supportive, and academically tough. Throughout the Coronavirus pandemic, we’ve got tailored to Government guidance to maintain our students, group of workers, and community safe. All closing Covid-19 prison restrictions in England have been lifted in February 2022 underneath the Government’s Plan for Living with Covid-19, and we’ve embraced a safe go back to in-man or woman teaching on campus. Where appropriate, face-to-face coaching is better by way of the use of digital equipment and generation and can be complemented with the aid of on-line opportunities in which those assist mastering effects.

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