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  • LLM International Law

    Welcome to LLM International Law The LLM International Law programme enables students to increase an in-intensity knowledge of the regulation in terms of key global subjects. Students are encouraged to remember the function of the law in global affairs and to expand a vital knowledge of how the law affects all aspects of global pastime, […]

  • The Benefits from Marriage and Religion in the United States: A Comparative Analysis

    America is a spiritual country. The full-size majority of Americans, while requested, profess a perception in God and verify that religion is at least “fairly essential” in their lives (Myers 2000: 285); approximately 60 percent of the population report membership in a non secular organization and 45 percentage nation that they attend religious offerings at […]

  • Marriage Benefits Men’s Health

    (September 2010) Marriage improves health signs and reduces the risk of positive diseases, consistent with a report inside the Harvard Men’s Health Watch based totally on a survey of 127,545 American adults.1 On the opposite hand, marital pressure, divorce, and the dying of a spouse have the alternative impact, in particular on guys. Studies over […]